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Although Amtrak has not begun to operate the Adirondack & Ethan Allen trains north of Albany-Rensselaer or Schenectady stations Amtrak has installed bicycle racks on all its passenger coaches operating in New York State. When the Adirondack & Ethan Allen trains do begin operating bicyclists in Saratoga, Warren, Essex, Clinton, & Washington Counties. Bike Racks…
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Roadies and other smooth pavement seekers may enjoy the brand new pavement on Schroon River Road, north of County Home Bridge Road. These routes include this new pavement: Warrensburg-Chestertown Loop Rivers and Lakes We all like smooth roads!  Much less fatiguing, mentally & physically!

Darker Earlier

It’s getting darker sooner!  Our days are shortening!  You can help save yourself & others sharing our roads a lot of Angst!  Please use lights!  It’s actually a requirement per NYS Department of Transportation: Section  1236 Lamps and other equipment on bicycles  Vehicle & Traffic (VAT) (a) Every bicycle when in use during the period from one-half…
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Interesting opinion on pages four & five of Sunday New York Times, Sunday Review, July 12th, 2020 – “The End of Cars”: The author, Farhad Manjoo, ends with the rhetorical question, “Given these threats*, how can American cities continue  justify wasting such enormous tracts of land on death machines?” *Extant threats which he enumerates,…
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Good morning, everyone. This piece appeared in the Albany Times Union yesterday – in some respects it is a continuation of the stalled conversation that Joe Martens facilitated with a group of state agency stakeholders prior to the last New York Bike Summit to address the overall challenge of how NYS can become a top bike…
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From our friends at The Albany Bicycle Coalition Friends of Cycling and Advocates for Safe Streets: Follow this link to see the finishing phase of the South End Connector Bikeway construction. While there are still some final touches, the photos and text highlight all that has been accomplished in the past 7 years to…
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June 25th Chronicle article on page 32: Biking Group. . . It’s a bit like the Adirondack Forty-Sixers ( but with only ±18% of the climbs. . .done with road bike, mountain bike, or any combination of each of our designated routes!    


“Axi-dents”. . .Yeah, yeah, I KNOW! Shoulda’ been more careful in turning right @ an intersection. . .Despite my green light, despite seeing no-one visible around corner of building. . .I collided w/ a young man on HIS bicycle: 1.) Riding on the sidewalk. 2.) On the “left side of the road”. 3.) Phone in…
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So You’re Thinking About Riding a Bike These days, with limits on public transportation and daily protests, cyclists dominate cities around the country. Here’s how to become one.   Hilary Swift for The New York Times  By John Herrman Published June 18, 2020 Updated June 19, 2020 It’s the summer of Covid, and bikes are everywhere…
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Boom in Bicycling to Covid Pandemic. . .Will it  last? See this article from BRAIN: PUT DOWN THE PHONE & NO ONE GETS HURT! It might, if we can change a few behaviors of our Fellow-users on the roads! It’s not just Drivers in “Cages”, but too many People on bikes & skateboards,  even…
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