Cyclists riding bikes along the water in Warren County NY


“Axi-dents”. . .Yeah, yeah, I KNOW! Shoulda’ been more careful in turning right @ an intersection. . .Despite my green light, despite seeing no-one visible around corner of building. . .I collided w/ a young man on HIS bicycle: 1.) Riding on the sidewalk. 2.) On the “left side of the road”. 3.) Phone in…
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So You’re Thinking About Riding a Bike These days, with limits on public transportation and daily protests, cyclists dominate cities around the country. Here’s how to become one.   Hilary Swift for The New York Times  By John Herrman Published June 18, 2020 Updated June 19, 2020 It’s the summer of Covid, and bikes are everywhere…
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Boom in Bicycling to Covid Pandemic. . .Will it  last? See this article from BRAIN: PUT DOWN THE PHONE & NO ONE GETS HURT! It might, if we can change a few behaviors of our Fellow-users on the roads! It’s not just Drivers in “Cages”, but too many People on bikes & skateboards,  even…
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There CAN be a “Silver Lining”, eh?   This article from Reuters: This Article from The BBC: But we KNEW that! BEST time to ride!  The snow, ice, most of the road salt, & the Snow Bunnies are gone. . . The bugs, the heat & humidity, most tourists and the fact that…
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For those who like “tunes”. . . Just a little rap on bicycle safety. . . Something WCSQBO has been involved the past few summers with the Town of Lake George & the area’s influx of J-1 Students who work & live here.    


For those liking video content! We managed to get this clip running all day @ yesteryear’s Adk Day event down in Albany. . . Wonderful “Photo Op” for us & Hosting “Suits”. . . You MIGHT recognize one or two of us. . . Unfortunately, current Pandemic precluded the same show this year! But,…
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How many other Unicyclists check-out this site? When riding mine, I often ask little kids on their 1st bikes with Training Wheels why they have SO many wheels? I want to tell their Moms &/or Dads that THAT’S the “worst way” to learn to ride! 1st, take OFF those “crutches”! Take them to the top…
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Three {3} articles on (as Shakespeare’s Hamlet once said) ‘TO RIDE OR NOT TO RIDE?  THAT IS THE QUESTION?” In this bicyclist’s humble opinion, the use of bikes, especially over that of  the automobile, is a very real panacea for MUCH of our collective Global Problems. . . This time of year…
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Still riding daily, but. . . it gets chilly when the sun drops low in the Western sky. How many times can you “check your bike”? One can always “do a puzzle”. . . How are YOU coping?


Rail-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) article by Chandler Garland.  Editor’s Note:  This article first appeared in the RecReport E-Newsletter on February 2nd, 2020.  To sign up to received the newsletter, visit Interesting reading for all concerned!  And a panacea for much of our personal & nation’s ills which I’ve been preaching for ± seven (7) decades:…
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