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Paving the Way for Safer Cycling in Warren County NY


To promote safe & quality bicycling in the southeastern region of the Adirondacks.

Bicycle-friendly communities provide safe bicycle lanes, separate bicycle paths, and bicycle safety signage for commuters and recreational cyclists. The ability to commute to work  and  enjoy recreational cycling in a safe environment helps to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality. expands economic development, and reduces health related costs; all of which gives residents improved quality of life and non-residents incentive to visit.


To advance our mission, Adirondack Cycling Advocates collaborates with New York State, Warren County, local municipalities, the Adirondack/Glens Falls Transportation Council, bicycling groups, and individuals to support and expand safe bicycling opportunities for all bicyclists.


Adirondack Cycling Advocates continually strives to achieve the following initiatives:

  • To collaborate with government agencies/departments/private businesses to improve and maintain the condition of paved roads, shoulders of roads, and bike paths/lanes for the safety of bicyclists.
  • To support the expansion of new and existing multi-use connector paths and mountain biking trails in the southern Adirondack region.
  • To promote and encourage the positive health benefits of bicycling and the importance of following safe bicycling practices through the distribution of informational/promotional materials, participation in public events, and media coverage.
  • To raise awareness of the variety of  bicycling opportunities in our region by working with regional tourism departments and bicycling business and organizations to provide promotional materials and maps for both recreational bicyclists and bicycling commuters.
  • To conduct mailing list and fundraising campaigns to encourage the public to actively participate in, and support our mission.

Support Adirondack Cycling Advocate’s mission of expansion of first-rate cycling opportunities in the Adirondacks.

Please support our efforts of advocacy for safe bicycling. We accept and appreciate any amount you are able to give.

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