Projects for Safer Bicycling in the Lake George Region

Adirondack Cycling Advocates will  support our mission by continuing to work on and advocate for,  the following projects:

Annual Road Improvement Campaign

Send request letters to local, state, and federal officials requesting increased funds for repaving roads and shoulders of roads in need of repair;  focus on State Route 9L & Route 9N.  Arrange meetings with the county & local DPW to identify and  encourage the repair of substandard roads. Schedule a presentation to Warren County Board of Supervisors advocating for improved roads & trails.

Multi-use Path and Trail Development

Support the construction of the multi-use connector path system from Lake George to Fort Edward.  Five sections (existing and future) will make up the system: Warren County Bikeway, Rush Pond Way, Half-way Brook Trail, Peggy Ann Road to Hudson Pointe, Big Bay Preserve Tail, Clendon Brook Preserve, Hudson River Park Train, and the Feeder Canal Path.  Construction will be done in several phases.  Rush Pond Way is complete, and the Halfway Brook Trail section will be complete this summer.  Peggy Ann to Old Forge Road section is currently being planned.

Safety & Education

Present bicycle safety information to the foreign summer students by showing the “Bicycling Safety” video and distributing “Bicycle Tips” for following rules of the road, as part of the Student Coalition welcoming workshops presented by Lake George and the State.   Send PSA’s, articles, press releases, letters to the editor promoting bicycling safety & events. Present bicycle-related topics to community groups, school groups & youth groups.

Advocacy & Public Relations

Booth space will be reserved at various Sport and Bicycling Expositions to display the Adirondack Cycling Advocate’s Kiosk for the purpose of  promoting Warren County as a “Destination for Bicyclists, and to distribute informational, educational bicycle safety materials.  Collaboration with  Warren County Tourism & Chambers of Commerce is ongoing for promoting bicycling locally and internationally. Adirondack Cycling Advocate’s website, will be maintained and updated on a regular basis.


Bicycle Rides:  Promote the  “Warren County Cycling Challenge” for bicyclists to  experiences the wide variety of opportunities for bicycling in the Southern Adirondacks.   Continue to sponsor the Annual “Harry Elkes Ride” in September from The Hub in Brant Lake.

Request for Funding Your Project

To request funding support for your project(s) see: link.


“Bicycling Brings Business” Conference:  This event was a collaboration between Adirondack Cycling Advocates, Warren County Tourism and PTNY  the purpose of the conference was to share ideas about how businesses and communities can attract, market, and benefit from the bicycling tourism.   Plans are to use the positive ideas generated from this conference to continue to work to encourage and expand “bicycle-friendly businesses” throughout our area.

Adirondack Cycling Advocates will send representatives to meetings with  Warren County Tourism,  NYBC , and other organizations to support initiatives such  the “Adirondack Cycling Strategy”.  This is the collaboration of seven counties to develop a comprehensive trail system for bicyclists, hikers in the Adirondacks to encourage tourism.  Open the Adirondack Cycling Strategy Master Plan for more information.  As other opportunities for collaboration on other bicycling-related projects, WCSBO will to support  as possible.

Past Accomplishments

Support Adirondack Cycling Advocate’s mission of expansion of first-rate cycling opportunities in the Adirondacks.

Please support our efforts of advocacy for safe bicycling. We accept and appreciate any amount you are able to give.

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