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The April 20, 2021 meeting of the Warren County Public Works Committee included a discussion about the legal use of EBikes on the Bikeway.  From the discussion, it is clear that EBikes are currently prohibited. WCSQBO/ACA was mentioned several times.  There will be further discussion and they indicated that they would be reaching out to…
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TODAY IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE LETTER “G”. . . The following video is rated G, for Grooming. Many have inquired what the Snow Dog is, and how we groom.. well, here you go! Cut in the trails on the West side of Gurney last night, and re-groomed everything else. Trails are a bit…
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 Who grew-up in this era?  How many of our readers grew-up in the 1950s? Do you recall your first tricycle, bicycle, where you would ride, and with whom?    


AN E-MAIL NOTE FROM OUR FRIEND(S) @ WARREN COUNTY TOURISM (MAYBE PROMPTED AFTER ATTENDING OUR ANNUAL B.O.D. MEETING LAST WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 27th) Hello ACA – FYI we posted today about Fat Tire Biking at Gurney. In this frame, a swipe up would take a viewer to the Gurney Lane page. We have a story on…
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It’s what we do!   {Photo – Rich Zuccaro} Another attraction for our area!  {Photo – Glens Falls Chronicle} Thanks for all the hard work and to those who contributed so much time & funding!

Winter Ride

    “It’s always good biking weather with the right gear!”   A couple of our colleagues out there having a Good Time! There’s still a lot of snow in the woods,  but the roads were dry & clear.  Spent a good bit of time riding on my own errands today, thinking that we’re expecting a bit…
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TO: Happy New Year everyone, (from our friends of Adirondack ezRiders) I thought I would share some good news with you. The Governor’s Office announced today that the Empire State Trail is complete and open to the public! See the Governor’s Press Release here: And the EST website for more information: FROM: Adirondack ezRiders Adirondack…
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Letter to Ed

Letter to the Editor, As the days get shorter and the bicycle boom continues,  this is a good time for a few bicycle safety reminders.  For many,  the most glaring issue facing bicycle riding in the Greater Glens Fall and Lake George  areas  would be riding bikes at dusk or night without lights. Just as…
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For all our friends, fans, & recent discoverers of this website! We would very much like to have others to be involved in curating our valuable resources & information found on this website.  It would seem to us that Those Who Ride Should Decide! We’re talking about all those rides contained therein: ROAD ROUTES:…
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Teach Your Children

. . .OK, it’s not exactly balmy cycling weather about now, but you may be thinking of The New Bike for your child for your approaching Happy Holy Days! Here are my recommendations: 1.) To save some money on the purchase 2.) To make learning to ride easier for both you & your child 3.)…
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