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Adirondack Communities

Adirondack Communities:  Preparing for and Responding to Climate Change


Many cyclists see the bicycle as a viable alternative to transportation and sport – a wise choice over a motorized mode of conveyance.

We in the North Country are also very aware of Climate Change, an inevitable result of both natural and man-made causation.

Most of us do our part as individuals, but collectively, we can do so much more!

Join together with many others in late October in the heart of our mountains at Silver Bay for a conference addressing these important issues:

Conference Strands:

      Disaster Preparedness: How will our local communities provide shelter, food, water, available energies, and multiple-format communications in the event of a natural disaster such flood, wildfire, severe weather, drought, earthquake or other catastrophic event?  How must our infrastructure change given our warming climate?

        Impact of Current Climate Fluctuations: How have many heretofore unknown diseases and invasive species spread into our region, and what can be done to reduce such threats? How will year-round tourist attractions such as winter sports, Autumnal “leaf-peepers”, and summer activities be impacted by increasing periods of adverse weather?  How can communities create “sustainable” economic growth while preparing for the influx of inevitable human population shifts due to forced migration and globally shifting food production areas?  How are “native” flora and fauna changing as a result of severe weather, flooding from altered precipitation patterns, and wildfires that destroy our collective livable habitats?

        Building a Future We Want in the Adirondacks: What are the key economic, cultural, and geopolitical trends we are seeing in the Adirondacks, and how will we react to these trends?  What can be done now to move towards a vision of the Adirondacks that sustains what we love about the region while adapting to current realities? The audience will be challenged to join together to promote actions today that build toward a shared vision for our region.

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