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Host J1

International J1 Visa Student Workers in our area

Over 1,000 Summer Work Travel Students are here and the International Student Hospitality Committee is trying to find families or individuals to share a variety of interactive opportunities. Although the students are here to work, sometimes two or more jobs, they also wish to travel and to learn more about our culture.

Possible mutual interests include:

  1. Family meal
  2. Hiking
  3. Biking
  4. Canoe/kayak
  5. Boat ride
  6. Nature hike/birding
  7. Museums
  8. Musical or theatrical shows
  9. Cultural talks or educational events
  10. Movie
  11. Rodeo
  12. Adirondack Animal Land zoo
  13. Other suggestions or comments

Submit your name, phone and/or e-mail, along with your list from above numbered as to priority (1st = most desired, to 13th= least) to: Betsy Birchenough @ (518) 656-3104 or [email protected]

Students and Hosts are both encouraged to participate in this endeavor.

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Also on their Facebook page:

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