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Letter to Ed

Letter to the Editor,

As the days get shorter and the bicycle boom continues,  this is a good time for a few bicycle safety reminders.  For many,  the most glaring issue facing bicycle riding in the Greater Glens Fall and Lake George  areas  would be riding bikes at dusk or night without lights.

Just as for motor vehicles, it is the law that bicyclists MUST have a front (white) and rear (red) light when operating on or near roads at night.  Of course, it is always useful to be courteous and anticipate un-lawful  actions by others—always ride defensively!  There is ample evidence that wearing a helmet enhances safety, as does bright, reflective clothing.

Bikers should ride with traffic on the right side of the road.  We have no local laws against riding on the sidewalk, and sometimes this might be a safe alternative.  However, if you choose to do so it is important to slow down and yield to pedestrians.  Also be aware of  people with dogs on a leash.  When in doubt, dismount.

Some local restrictions:

Lake Avenue Park:

Shepard Park:

Blais Park and Walkway:

Charles Wood Park:,bicycles&searchId=31659154902181000#29569304

We are fortunate to have some wonderful bicycling opportunities in our area and a vibrant bike community.  A valuable resource for more information about local biking is  When everyone does their part, we can continue to enjoy safe cycling.  Please!  If you ride at night use lights.  Obey ALL rules the of the road, as NYS DVM considers bicycles in the same category  as any slow-moving vehicle, subject to the same laws and regulations.  Always wear a helmet and be courteous.

Thank you.

Harrison Freer, Queensbury

WCSQBO—rebranding as Adirondack Cycling Advocates, Inc.,

On-road Committee Chair


Contact info:  p: 571.243.8239, email: [email protected]


Tony Krivitski, Glens Falls (editor)

Also a Board Member of ACA, Inc.  Public Relations Chair


Home:  (518) 798-6409, [email protected]

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