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Meet our new friend, Daniel Atlas, editor of – an in-depth guide and blog posts on biking.

As The Bike to Work Day is approaching (Friday, May 17th, 2019 – , these two links will be useful for encouraging the new bike commuter.

Bike Commuting Guide –

101 Cycling Benefits –

Don’t be the Hare, confusing his acceleration, his “speed”, as superior to that of the Tortoise.  Mr. Tortoise KNOWS that the reality of the situation is Miles per Hour = Distance OVER Time.  See formulae below if you’re into the math!*

On a personal note:  The most difficult barrier to such daily riding is Psychological, NOT Physical!  I know this, from my past commute of twenty-five miles (one-way) to work from home in Northern New Jersey!  Through many jobs in many locations, I did not drive to work for 35 years.

* Graphic Distance / Speed / Time relationship

*Acceleration Formula

Acceleration is a measure of how quickly the velocity of an object changes. So, the acceleration is the change in the velocity, divided by the time. Acceleration has a magnitude (a value) and a direction. The direction of the acceleration does not have to be the same as the direction of the velocity. The units for acceleration are meters per second squared (m/s2).

a = acceleration (m/s2)

vf = the final velocity (m/s)

vi = the initial velocity (m/s)

t = the time in which the change occurs (s)

Δv = short form for “the change in” velocity (m/s)

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