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Transportation Budget in Washington D.C.


Hi All,

Here are links to two transportation webinars.

The first covers what’s happening in Washington related to biking and walking. As requested, I’m including time stamps for specific sections. One suggestion- listen to it as a podcast if you don’t have time to watch it.  (There’s also a link to just the slides.)
This webinar covers:

  • The House and Senate proposed transportation budget (minute 0:30=14:45)
    • Including language that opens the door to motorized vehicles on trails (minute 13:00=14:45)
  • An update on tax reform (14:45-17:45)
  • An update on the Infrastructure package (17:45-21:30)
  • How to visit with your member of Congress while they are home in the district ( 21:30-40:00)
    • This is an easy way to make a big difference!!!!

 Fed policy update July August.pdf

 July:August Fed policy update.mp4

Also, here is a link to a webinar we did with Amtrak, Adventure Cycling Association, National Association of Railroad passengers. It covers the options for bringing your bike on trains, what the Amtrak Bike Task Force is working on now, and how you can help advocate for Amtrak.

 Amtrak no intros.mp4

Thanks and as always let me know what you think. Suggestions are always welcome!  Contact through this website.

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