Cyclists riding bikes along the water in Warren County NY


How many other Unicyclists check-out this site?

When riding mine, I often ask little kids on their 1st bikes with Training Wheels why they have SO many wheels?

I want to tell their Moms &/or Dads that THAT’S the “worst way” to learn to ride!

1st, take OFF those “crutches”!

Take them to the top of a grassy knoll.  Have them coast straight down the hill with hands on handlebars, but feet off the pedals.

Once that’s mastered, try slight turns, with feet still extended.

Next step, try pedaling down the hill.

Guaranteed they’ll be riding in an hour!

I started a uni in the twilight of my 38th year, practiced ± 4 hours in my driveway (falling down a LOT), but once I centered, found the balance, mastered the technique, I rode out into the road & haven’t stopped!

Although many associate the Wheel with Clowns – kids ask if I am one! – obviously NOT, say I!

When asked by young (usually boys) BMXers if I can do “tricks”, I offer them a chance to try & ride my unicycle. . .they usually can’t even accomplish THAT trick!

I’m now 73-½. . .you’re only as young as you feel!

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