Cyclists riding bikes along the water in Warren County NY

WCSQBO 2020 Goals

• Organize a letter writing campaign to State, County, municipal, and related DPW officials. Request their support to repave roads and shoulders of roads in poor condition. Prioritize those areas with greatest needs.
• Collaborate with DPW and municipalities to add safety and directional signage to roads and Bikeway.
• Advocate for Complete Streets programs in each township.

• Provide funding for the purchase of directional signage for the new Halfway Brook multi-use connector path. This new path will be part of the proposed connector system from the Warren County Bikeway to the Feeder Canal and on to the Champlain Canalway Trail.
• Provide funds for design of single-track trails on French Mountain and North Creek Snow Bowl.
• Support the planning and implementation of single-track trails adjacent to Rush Pond Way.
• Support new development of quality, safe single-track trail development in Warren County.

• Develop educational programs for motorists and bicyclists to encourage safe bicycling practices. Collaborate with interested organizations to improve safe bicycling. Distribute “Rules of the Road” posters and flyers to publicize and encourage safe bicycling practices.
• Increase number of articles, letters, and PSA’s to local media to improve safe habits of cyclists.
• Work with Parks & Trails New York, New York Bicycling Coalition, and NYS Department of Education to plan a course for ninth/tenth grade students to teach Rules of The Road for Bicyclists and Motorists when students are preparing for their driver licenses.

• Purchase booth space for the WCSQBO Kiosk at sports expositions/special events to welcome visitors, distribute safety and promotional materials, and promote bicycling in Warren County.
• Design a Warren County Bikeway logo to be placed on maps and signs on the Bikeway.
• Identify places where directional signs and location maps should be placed on Bikeway to direct people to local destinations and nearby services. Add signage to Feeder Canal Path.
• Work with potential sponsors to place bike repair stations in strategically selected areas.
• Schedule regular meetings with Warren County DPW/Parks and Trails staff to support new projects and assist with financial contributions.
• Encourage interested community members to volunteer their time for our special projects.
• Design and print a new, inclusive Warren County Bicycling Guide to include Warren County bicycle routes and maps, photos, educational/promotional information, and WCSQBO facts.

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