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Class 3 E-Bike Letter-to-the-Editor

The November 11, 2021 Chronicle published a letter-to-the-editor from the Adirondack Cycling Advocates in response to a letter published on November 4 which argued for allowing class 3 e-bikes on the Warren County Bikeway.

Here is the text of the ACA’s letter published by the Chronicle:


I appreciate Mr. Rozell’s comments about the need for e-bikes as we age, and I am pleased that he is in favor of them. E-bikes help many people to cycle when they would otherwise be unable to do so. However, I think his concern regarding the exclusion of class 3 e-bikes is misdirected. It is New York State law that forbids class 3 e-bikes, not Warren County. Here is what the law says: “The operation of a class three bicycle with electric assist outside of a city having a population of one million or more is prohibited.

You can find this at 2020 New York Laws, VAT – Vehicle and Traffic, Title 7 – Rules of the Road, Article 34 – Operation of Bicycles and Play Devices, 1242 – Additional Provisions Applicable to Bicycles with Electric Assist, 10.

Most of our transportation network is designed for motor vehicles and is generally unsafe, or at the very least uncomfortable for cyclists and pedestrians. What makes the Warren County Bikeway special is that it is a safe and comfortable place for people of all ages and abilities to cycle free from the anxiety of motor vehicle traffic.

Recognizing that e-bikes can in many cases co-exist with pedestrians & bicycles, Adirondack Cycling Advocates (ACA) recently put forth a proposal to the Warren County Board of Supervisors recommending that the County allow class 1 and possibly class 2 e-bikes on the Warren County Bikeway as part of a one-year pilot program. During public deliberations on the subject, it was apparent that residents of Warren County have concerns about conflict between pedestrians and e-bikes. Gently introducing e-bikes as part of a one-year trial run will allow all path users an opportunity to test the waters. If, at the end of the pilot program, the public and the managers of the Warren County Bikeway are comfortable with e-bikes, then a more permanent policy can be considered.

Rich Zuccaro, Queensbury
Adirondack Cycling Advocates

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