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. . .OK, it’s not exactly balmy cycling weather about now, but you may be thinking of The New Bike for your child for your approaching Happy Holy Days!

Here are my recommendations:

1.) To save some money on the purchase

2.) To make learning to ride easier for both you & your child

3.) To have more fun once the nicer weather rolls around

  • Buy from your local bike shop for proper fitting & better follow-up services “down the road”.
  • Skip the alleged “training wheels”, even if someone recommends them.
  • 1st nice day with green grass, go to a nearby, grassy, gentle slope (or even a cold, clear day, bundled up for warmth + the inevitable “fall protection” padding!).
  • Have The Kid straddle the bike with his/her hands on the handlebars, but feet NOT on pedals, just dangling for assurance of stability.
  • Let them coast straight down the hill – don’t try & pedal or steer, just find The Balance.
  • Next glide down the hill, but try to steer bike left & right in a gentle curve.
  • Once that’s mastered, try pedaling while descending slope & then even when they get to the bottom of the slope!
  • A few tries, a few tumbles, they’ll be pedaling off on their own!


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